Why choose us?

Solar Power and Light is a leading owner's agent representative to interface with solar contractors and installers.

We assess site characteristics and billing details (see Primer) to develop preliminary design and installation cost estimates of commercial solar energy solutions to help property owners lock in low energy costs to reduce operating expenses and boost your property's asset value


• Creates positive cash flow from Day 1.

• Locks in the Federal tax benefits you'll receive for going solar.

• You own outright per-paid electricity for the next 30+ years.

• Expect minimal maintenance for the life of the system.

• Solar equipment imcreases the value of your operation from your low fixed cost power.

• No risk of performance, you know the outcome from the start-up of the system.

If you sell your business or property that high-quality, reliable fixed cost power system adds to resale value.

Our in-house team of solar professionals can advise you about available grants and solar incentives and assess project feasibility and expected ROI based on your site's characteristics. Licensed and insured solar contractors will bid to finalize the design, engineer it for permitting,procure the hardware, and install, then maintain your solar system so your business will have optimal use of your renewable emergy investment for decades to come.

Contact us for a free project consultation, simply fill out the form and we'll get started!